Abstract Architecture

are we?

We are STORM; a small, powerful team of residential architectural designers.

Founded in 2018, STORM is an established and respected design house, located in the South-East of England.


We offer expert knowledge of the planning system, unrivalled knowledge of modern construction detailing and an emphasis on innovative, contemporary design solutions.

Meet Us.


Emma Corr


Emma is an internationally experienced designer, specialising in delivering high-end projects across a range of residential and multi-residential applications.

Throughout Emma's career, she has worked alongside some of the most prestigious global brands including; Mercedes Benz, Make Architects and start-up boutique restaurants in London.

"My design approach encapsulates the essence of the end-user in built form"


Jonathan Knight-Fallows


Jonathan's experience is widespread through all elements of planning and construction. His contribution to the industry is globally recognised and reflected in multiple design and construction awards.

Before co-founding STORM, Jonathan managed the design and delivery of major construction projects across London and Essex.

"I can explain the parameters of your local planning framework and advise on the most appropriate construction methods thereafter".