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Architectural Plan

Client Brief

Every project begins with a client brief. When making an enquiry to work with STORM, you will be sent an introductory project questionnaire, which helps our team prepare for the site consultation process to follow. This is your opportunity to express your aspirations for your project; the more insight you give us, the better we can respond to the client brief.


Land Surveying


Once appointed, we carry out a full site survey at the project address. From here, the dimensions are drawn to scale in precise dwg format. The existing drawings package includes a supporting Ordnance Survey map for site context. This information is required for applications to the Local Planning Authority (LPA).


Building Plans


The concept design phase is the most playful and dynamic part of testing the client brief. Our designers first understand the parameters in which they can develop the concept, analysing existing structure, highlighting potential opportunities and constraints. 

Concept designs are issued as 'sketches', an indicative spatial layout of the design direction with potential furniture arrangements and room allocation.


Modern House


The detailed design commences once the concept design phase is fully explored. Our designers introduce a further layer of detail; optimising spatial arrangements, circulation space, functionality, proportions and flexibility.

Form follows function. Once the layout is resolved, your designer will develop the external elevations; material considerations, proportions of window and door openings and detailing of the facade. In conjunction with the detailed development, your designer will maintain alignment with planning and budget requirements.


Metal Stairs on Wooden Facade


At each stage of the design process, the drawings are presented to you for feedback and approval. Once satisfied that the design meets your brief, we will prepare your application and supporting documents and submit to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) on your behalf. We oversee the validation process and maintain a strong dialogue with the LPA and yourselves throughout the decision making period.

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